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Hello and welcome to On this website, you can read and learn all about snus – specifically snus in Europe. While snus is very popular in some Nordic countries, it is currently not legal in most countries in the European Union. At this website, we will bring you all the information related to snus in EU, with both general information and buyer guides. No matter where in the EU you live, we hope that you will find our website useful and helpful on all topics related to snus and other tobacco products and nicotine pouches. Welcome and enjoy our site!

The snus buyer’s guide in the EU

As you are aware, the buying and selling of snus has been prohibited in most EU countries. Way back in 1992, all tobacco products were banned in the European Union. However, Sweden is exempted from the ban because of its long history of snus use even after joining the EU in 1995. Unless the ban gets lifted and the EU sees things from Sweden’s perspective, nothing is likely to change. People in Sweden can freely order snus locally or online in non-EU states. In the long run, snus users and manufacturers in the EU can have their hopes high, since the European Commission is looking to lift the ban.

Reasons why the EU should lift the snus ban

To most people, snus is like their daily bread, and lifting the ban will come in handy. By the year 2000, Sweden was the only state that reached WHO’s goal of below 20% of smokers daily. Besides, epidemiological studies cannot prove that snus causes oral cancer. Also, it causes minimal cardiovascular effects as compared to smokers. Based on recent research, former smokers tend to quit by using snus. 47% of the ex-smokers use snus as their last option to turn their lives around for good. In a nutshell, repealing the ban may have some advantages based on the marketing techniques.