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Do you know that snus is the best alternative to smoking? Snus is smoke-free and easy to use. Smoking is something that we all witness people do almost daily. And almost everyone has a theoretical idea of how to smoke. But when it comes to snus, very few know how to use it. This is due to the nature of the product. It is difficult to identify someone using snus. In this article, we shall enlighten you about this product and how to use it correctly. We shall also give you some tips and advice concerning snus storage and disposal.

Getting the right product

You won’t know how to use snus until you get the product first. But, you don’t just go for any product – you go for the right product. Snus is available in various brands and designs. Your choice of snus will depend on how you want to use it and the concentration of tobacco you want in the product. Again, since the product comes in different fruity flavors and tastes including citrus, mint, and berry, you have many choices to make. Snus comes in small pouches resembling tea bags to fit under your lips. After you get the right product, you are now ready to use it.

Using Snus

Snus is very easy to use. And the good thing about using snus is that no one will notice it. Once you have the can containing Snus, open it, and use your thumb and index finger to take the product from the pouch. You only need to take a small quantity of the product. Use the other hand to lift up your upper lip – the snus should be placed between your gums and lips. It will be best if you place the snus on either side of the lips – left or right, and not in the middle. Let it linger in your mouth for some time.

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