How to buy snus

can of white portion snus

You can buy snus online. This means you can visit the website of any prominent snus brand, and buy your product over there. Let’s say you want to buy brand A. Search this brand online, check its specifications, ingredients, how it is used, and then head over to the shopping cart. There, you put your name and other details like your address and phone number so that the company knows where to ship the product. Enter your credit or debit card details and hit ‘Pay’. You will receive a confirmation code on your mobile phone. Enter that in the box provided and you will have your snus shipped.

Buying through merchant aggregators

You can also buy your favourite snus brand on popular merchant aggregators such as Amazon. So, how do you locate your brand there? Create your account on Amazon, go to the search bar, and enter ‘snus’ or other related products. You can also enter the name of your brand followed by the word ‘snus’. After clicking ‘Enter’ you will find a list of snus brands on your screen. Select the one that you want, check its specifications and make the payment. Since Amazon lets you post product reviews, you can compare the various snus brands before making your final decision.

What to consider before buying snus online?

Check all the conditions governing purchase of your product on that platform. Find out what others have to say about your brand. You can also compare prices for the same brand. Usually, prices on Amazon are cheaper than on the brand website. Check whether the brand can be shipped to your location. Buying snus offline is very easy. Simply go to a retailer and buy it. Snus is available in two forms: in pouches or in loose form. Some countries prohibit young people from buying snus. Otherwise a wholesome product, snus refreshes you and provides you with a feeling of lightness.

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