How to Make Snus at Home

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If you think the available snus products are too expensive, here is a Do It Yourself guide for you to follow. You can make your own Filt Snus Paper from 100% fibre paper. This comes in a 3-metre long roll, so you can decide what your paper will look like. You can make it into a cone, an envelope or whatever your heart may desire, and you can adjust your snus paper to any length. It was the Icelanders who started making their Filt Snus Paper from fibre, beginning a tradition that has now spread all over the world.

Get the Required Materials

To make snus at home, you need to get some materials aside from the Filt Snus Paper. For a start, you need to get tobacco flour and Natrium Carbonate, which are the main ingredients. In addition to that, you are required to have salt, water (boiled), and something to heat the snus, preferably a crockpot. Aside from the major materials, there are a few additional ingredients you can include depending on your preference. They include Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Flavouring and Benzoate. These additional ingredients are optional if you want to preserve moisture in snus, prevent mould, and add flavours.

How to Prepare Snus

To begin the snus preparation, you need to boil water with salt until the water is at 70 degrees celsius. After that, add the Natrium Carbonate to the tobacco flour. Once that is done, you need to mix everything with the boiled water until all the parts of the tobacco flour are moist. Afterwards, you put the mixture in the heating container (crockpot) to start the process. Make sure you stir once a day for five days at the stipulated temperature. Once the mixture is black or dark brown, the snus is ready and you can add the extra ingredients depending on your preference.

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