How to store Snus to preserve its quality

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Snus is perishable, just like any other food or food-grade products. As a result, most commercial snus products also have an expiry date labelled on the packaging. When kept at room temperature, it is recommended that snus be consumed by this expiry date for best taste, aroma and food safety. However, snus can be preserved well beyond its expiry date with certain preservation techniques. If followed properly, these methods not only keep snus safe as an edible product but also keep the taste and aroma intact. Let us take a thorough look at the dos and don’ts of snus storage for the highest quality preservation.

Best practices for snus storage

You can store loose snus at a temperature of between 4 ℃ to 8 ℃ in a refrigerator to keep it perfect for consumption for up to 3 and a half months if it’s within the expiry date. Portion snus can retain its quality for up to 5 months under similar conditions. You can, however, keep your snus good for consumption for up to 1 year by freezing it, even if it is somewhat past the expiry date. The expiry date is suggested on the basis of room temperature storage. Make sure to put your snus in an airtight container for long-term freezing. Otherwise, it will lose moisture and dry up.

The right way to consume stored snus

Refrigerated snus can be consumed straightaway without any extra measures, but you frozen snus needs extra care. Frozen snus should be put in the refrigerator after taking it out of the freezer, otherwise, condensation will occur and that will negatively affect the quality. This is especially true for snus stored in paper cans. If your snus gets too old, it may also become dry. However, there are ways to moisturize it, like putting a slice of cucumber in the container. It’s usually not possible to recover the original flavour though. Snus also rarely gets mouldy. So, as long as it doesn’t smell bad, you’re good to go.

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