The sale of snus is illegal in all European Union countries with the exception of Denmark and Sweden. The latter is one European Union country that is known for its home-grown snus. In countries such as Estonia, you can only sell snus-like products containing nicotine and not ones that have tobacco. Snus is different from snuff which is usually inhaled through the nose, or chewed through the mouth. Snus is applied orally by putting it under the upper lip and leaving the nicotine to be absorbed into the blood stream through the soft skin of the gum and lip. Snus is therefore smokeless.

Unfair Ban on Snus

The European Union imposed a ban on oral tobacco products in 1992, with a specific target on snus. However, Sweden, which joing the European Union in 1995 is actually exempt from this ban. Sweden was granted an exemption due to its long history of snus usage. However, although the ban allowed Sweden to manufacture and sell snus within its borders, it cannot legally export the product to European Union countries. The ban however, contradicts some of the reasons why the European Union was formed including allowing free trade among the member countries. It affects snus producing countries such as Sweden.

Can You Buy Snus Online

It is illegal for online websites to sell snus in any country within the European Union. The situation is expected to remain unchanged until the European Union lifts the ban and comes around to Sweden’s point of view. These online snus sites expected to follow legal norms and avoid engaging in any export or shipping of snus to other European Union countries. If you want to order snus online you can only do so online out of the European Union or locally within Sweden. Since the Swedish government has asked the European Union to re-look at the ban, there is hope for the future of snus across Europe.