In the sixteenth century, a French diplomat introduced snuff (an earlier, dry form of snus) to French royalty as a treatment for migraine pain and it quickly gained popularity among the elite as a better form of tobacco consumption. Then the trend moved to Sweden where snuff acquired its moisture component and became snus, as we know it today. Over time snus has taken the place of snuff as an even more popular form of smokeless tobacco for consumption. Snus is considered to have helped reduce cigarette smoking in France and as well as other parts of Europe, thus reducing the impact of second-hand exposure as well.

The EU ban on Snus

However, following a World Health Organization (WHO) study, which concluded there were links between oral use of snus in American and European citizens and the development of cancer, the European Union banned the sale of snus in 1992. With this ban, the French, along with other EU citizens, lost access to snus, only Sweden and Norway being exempt. Despite the WHO tobacco committee acknowledging the inconclusive nature of the study, the EU-wide ban remains in effect to date. However, as EU countries move towards reducing cigarette smoking, calls for lifting the snus ban are getting stronger as it’s seen as a comparatively better alternative to smoking cigarettes.

How to buy snus in France today?

Despite the ban, it is still possible to buy snus, in small amounts for personal use, in France today. However, most of these options are online only and mainly delivered from overseas from Sweden and Norway, where production and consumption of snus is not restricted. Some of the most popular choices for online snus delivery services in France are,,,, and, etc. However, keep in mind that these deliveries can sometimes take up to a month depending on supplier location. There is also the possibility that the French customs authority may block it. However, small amounts shipped for personal use are usually overlooked.