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Have you ever been in the middle of nowhere trying to get a bite or a cup of coffee, but you can not find the best place? Well, then you have experienced what it feels like to be in Germany without knowing where to buy your snus. Snus being an illegal product in Germany has greatly impacted its users. The ban has affected its sale and it therefore cannot be found at any old shop on a street corner. Even so, that does not mean that it is impossible to find the rare commodity. Read on for insight into where you can buy snus in Germany.

Can you buy snus in shops in Germany?

Due to the regulations in the country, you can not buy snus in any physical shops there. This means that you will not be able to walk into a gas station to buy snus products like you can buy cigarettes. There are other options available though. One such option is to buy it from abroad. Countries like Sweden and Norway sell snus and nicotine pouches. This means you can buy it from shops in these countries or from an airport. Generally, it will be cheaper to buy bulk at the airport but just check carefully how much you can buy.

Shipping from Other Countries

The world has recently advanced in a tremendous way. Business has been transformed from how it used to be in previous years. The hustle of people growing crops to be exchanged with their neighboring village’s milk and meat has been replaced with other convenient means. People can get what they require from the comfort of their homes. With the internet, one can search for what they need and have it sent to them. Even though it is not possible to buy snus in stores in Germany, you can order it online from webshops selling snus products and nicotine pouches.