What’s snus and where can I buy snus in Spain? Snus is a tobacco product, occasionally manufactured in Sweden, and sold to Nordic countries. Snus is a smokeless moist powder that is obtained from some dry stuff. The individual using it gently places the snus beneath their upper lip. It is imported in portions, normally resembling tea bags. Most tobacco consumers are unaware of snus; distribution is very low and has diminished with time in Spain. Anyone above 18 years wishing to import snus to Spain can order through some manufacturers sites you can easily find online or online shops specifically for snus.

Is snus available in shops in Spain?

Currently, snus is banned in most EU countries and therefore not legal to sell in shops and kiosks in Spain such as for example in Sweden. This means that you will not be able to buy snus in Spain, but you can still buy snus “to” Spain. This can either be done by having friends or family import snus from a country where it is sold legally or you can buy it from an airport where it is sold. The easiest option, though, is buying snus online from one of the many webshops that offer snus and other tobacco and nicotine products.

Online snus webshops

There are several online shops and websites where you can buy snus that ships internationally, to countries such as Spain. They offer many different types of smokeless tobacco you could ever imagine. Online you will have a wide range of products to choose from. Browse the different products and brands available and find your favourite or try a new brand. Most webshops will ship the products within a few days and for reasonable prices. Buying snus online (from a legal website) is the easiest way to buy snus “in Spain” and get the snus and nicotine pouches you want straight to your doorstep.