Welcome to the guide on where to buy snus in the UK. This article will tell you everything you need to know about where to buy snus in the United Kingdom. It will also explain what snus is, as well as where it comes from and how it is properly used. If you are already interested in snus and aware of what it is, or if you are just hearing about it for the first time here, then this is the place to find out about just exactly what snus is, how long it has been around and why it is an interesting alternative to regular cigarettes.

Where can Snus be bought in The UK?

Unfortunately, tobacco restrictions enforced by the British government mean that snus is not readily available for sale in the UK. This means it is not as simple to obtain as walking into a local tobacconist. As it is a Swedish product, many expatriate Swedes living in the UK still prefer to use snus over regular tobacco cigarettes. One way of sampling snus could be by befriending a tobacco-loving Swedish expat who still brings back a small personal supply not-regulated at customs when they visit home. But if there are no Swedes to hand, it is possible that some tobacconists may stock sample amounts of snus, alongside its counterpart, snuff.

Buying snus online

As an easier option, residents from the UK can opt to buy snus and nicotine pouches online. This way, there is no travelling involved with buying from other countries. Simply find an online webshop that sells nicotine and tobacco products and ships to the UK. By shopping snus online, you can get a bigger variety of brands and flavours to choose from and also read more about the products before buying. Also check out customer reviews of both the website and specific products before ordering. When you order snus online, you can normally expect to get your package within a few working days.